UEMS European Board of Dermato-venereology Autumn Meeting was held in Geneva, Switzerland, on 15thSeptember, 2017. The meeting attended 23 Delegates representing 18 European countries and 2 Observers from European Dermatology Forum and European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology.


The Appendix on the UEMS 1997 Charter on visitations of training centres update and newly approved UEMS Rules of Procedures have been presented and discussed.
Our activities in cooperation with other UEMS Bodies and European organisations have been presented: CESMA (by Prof. M. Czarnecka-Operacz), IUSTI Europe (by Prof. M. Skerlev).Subcommission for Guidelines reported about the work from April till September 2017: comments and approval of guidelines for Androgenetic alopecia.
Other important issues discussed during the meeting you can find in the detailed agenda of this meeting.