UEMS European Board of Dermatovenereology Diploma (EBDVD) Examination was held in Frankfurt, Germany, on 5th – 6th August 2016 and new format of digital on-line form of examination has been implemented. The interest in the examination is growing and 51 Candidates form different countries in Europe (Ireland, Greece, Slovenia, Sweden, Spain, Poland) and outside Europe (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, Pkistan, Turkey, United States of America, Lebanon, Syria, India, Libya, Yemen)this year decided to take the examination.

We would like to congratulate Candidates succesfully passed the examination. The pass rate of the EBDVD Examination this year has reached 90 percent.

We would like to thank on behalf of the UEMS-EBDV for the whole team, each member has made its contribution to the implementation of the new format of the UEMS European Board of Dermatovenereology Diploma (EBDVD) Examination.   We believe that this digital on-line form of examination and cooperation with Ozone AB meets our needs and satisfy our expectations. We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with professional and dedicated team of people, especially Mr Roger Karlsson, whose the highest degree of professional support was irreplaceable for success of the examination.   Special thanks we would like to express to Prof. Harald Gollnick and his local supporting team Director of the Institute of Pathology Prof. Martin-Leo Hansmann and Director of the Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Allergology Prof. Roland Kaufmann for their cooperation and contribution for (EBDVD) Examination for many years.   A sincere gratitude to all examiners for their creative work in preparing questions for examination and hearty assistance during the examination. A sincere thanks to UEMS-EBDV Assistant Jana Cizkova for thorough administration of the examination.   The UEMS European Board of Dermatovenereology Diploma (EBDVD) Examination is under continuous development. The Examination in Frankfurt on August 5th – 6th, 2016 was an important and successful step in this development with a useful experience and ideas for further progress.

Executive of UEMS-EBDV