UEMS European Board of Dermato-venereology Autumn Meeting was held in Barcelona, Spain, on 6th – 8thApril, 2017. The meeting attended 34 Delegates representing 27 European countries and 2 Observers from European Dermatology Forum and Turkey.


UEMS Future structures, EACCME 2.0 documents have been presented and discussed. Our activities in cooperation with other UEMS Bodies and European organisations have been presented: NASCE (by Dr. G. Courtney), CESMA (by Prof. M. Czarnecka-Operacz and Prof. M. Potočnik), EDF (by Prof. P. Arenberger), IUSTI Europe (by Prof. M. Janier).
Dr. D. Jasaitiene reported about the survey concerning the resident’s status in EU and other European countries based on information from the questionnaires filled out by the delegates over the period 2009-2016 years.The number of Board certified new dermatovenereologists is growing and in 2015 it was counted 888 new specialists. The number of studying residents is also growing and in 2016 it was counted 3739.
Prof. R. Strohal reported about the work of the Subcommission for Guidelines from September 2016 till April, 2017: 7 comments (Genital herpes, Lichen planus, Pediculosis pubis, Chancroid, Scabies, Sclerosing diseases, Psoriasis up-date) and 3 approvals (Cutaneous LE, Chancroid, Herpes zoster) of guidelines.
Other important issues discussed during the meeting you can find in the detailed agenda of this meeting.